Free Annual Health Checks for People with a Learning Disability

People with a learning disability often have poorer physical and mental health than other people. 

People with a learning disability can sometimes find it hard to know when they are unwell, or to tell someone about it. 

An annual health check (AHC) can improve your health by spotting problems earlier.  

What happens at an annual health check?

A health check once a year gives people time to talk about anything that is worrying them and means they can get used to going to visit the doctor.

Who can have an annual health check?

Anyone over the age of 14 with a learning disability, can have an annual health check.

How do I get an annual health check?

To have an annual health check your doctor needs to know you have learning disability. You will then be added to the Learning Disability Register. The learning disability register is different from the register of social care needs managed by local councils.


Contact us on 01243 210086 to find out if you or the person you care for is on the register, or if you want to add someone to the register.

View a video made by the NHS to tell you how to make sure you don’t miss out on your health check.