We are changing the way you contact us online


We will be testing SystmConnect from Monday 19th February to Monday 1st March 2024.

Our current contract for our current online consultation system, eConsult, expires at the end of March 2024. NHS England was due to have released details of systems we can look to purchase by the end of 2023, but this has been delayed with no current confirmed date for its release.

While we wait for the authorised list to be published we have been looking at one alternative which is provided by our current clinical system provider.

There are differences between the two systems.  eConsult provides a high level of clinical information for our staff, but can be felt to be challenging to navigate and use. SystmConnect is a simpler format, which is hopefully easier for patients to navigate, but provides slightly less information for the clinicians.

One key benefit of SystmConnect is that we can leave some aspects of the system permanently switched on such as requests for sick certificates.

We have sought initial feedback from some of our staff, and members of the Patient Participation Group, and the system (called SystmConnect) was positively received.

As such we are looking to trial the system for a fortnight from Monday 19th February to Friday 1st March 2024.

If you do use the system during the trial please feel free to use our contact us form to leave feedback.

We will then use this to help make the decisions over which system to use when we sign up with a new provider from April.

Published: Feb 7, 2024